The Most Popular Card Games

Currently, online casinos offer a wide selection of card games, they are becoming more and more popular, and we are sure that you have not yet mastered all the varieties. That’s why below we are going to give you all the details about the most popular games where you can play them.


This game is becoming one of the most popular card games, and this is mainly due to the strong strategic element that makes it very attractive to users. If you like strategy, you’ve already found the perfect game.

Despite the strategic component, its operation is very simple, as you need to beat the house, avoiding the sum of your cards to be as close to 21 as possible, but without going over.

Due to the popularity of this game, several versions appeared, among which we can highlight such as Blackjack Switch, 5 hand, Pontoon, etc. In addition, we cannot forget the possibility that most online casinos offer to play live, and even the possibility to play blackjack for free.



This game is one of the easiest casino games where the bank has a smaller edge. Here, each round starts with two pairs of cards, one called the player’s hand and the other the banker’s. Before you can get your cards, you must bet on one of these combinations or a draw. The winning hand will be the one with the value closest to 9. It should be noted here that the value of the cards is the specified number, and in the case of J, Q and K, their value is 0.

In the event that the sum of the cards exceeds 10, 10 is subtracted from them, and the result of the subtraction is the value of the hand. If the sum is 8, this hand is called Le Petit, and if it is 9, Le Grande. If this value is added or there is a tie in the first round, the round ends.

Caribbean poker

That is, the player does not face the other players, but faces the house. Its operation is very simple and very similar to traditional poker. The game of Caribbean poker starts when you make your first bet, which is known as the ante, and beyond that, you must make a second bet.

After the first payment is made, you will receive 5 cards and you will have to make a decision to either withdraw or increase your bet, which should be twice the amount of the previous bet.

If you decided to raise, here the dealer will show you his cards, and if your cards are better, you win, and if not, you lose the bet.

Video Poker

Video Poker

It is one of the most innovative card games as it combines the best of traditional poker and 3-card poker and brings them to the online world. This type of game is very similar to playing slot machines, or rather it is a combination of poker and slot machines.

This, unlike the rest of the card games, is played in an automatic machine, very similar to online slots, but to play here, you need to know how the game of poker works. It is this mixture that has made it such an innovation in the world of online card games.

At the moment, there are several types of video poker, among which we can highlight Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces, Joker Poker and Tens or Better. Here, depending on the game, the rules change, but yes, its essence remains unchanged. Also, don’t forget that we offer you a free version of this game so you can practice and practice without investing any money in it.

So, if you are looking for a game similar to slot machines, but with a lot more excitement, this is the game for you.